Working Groups

Supporting Agricultural Researchers’ Data Needs

The AgNIC Data Working Group (DWG) coordinates projects for AgNIC Partner institutions around agricultural data. The DWG’s goal is to support projects from best practices in research data management to data rescue, to collecting data success stories and more. The DWG works with the National Agricultural Library to support and promote their data services, such as the Ag Data Commons and the Driving Innovation through Data in Agriculture (DIDAg) workshop. The DWG facilitates training and continuing education for agriculture librarians in data management.

Promoting Historical Agricultural Digital Publications

The Ag Digital Publications Working Group (ADPWG) promotes historical agricultural content beyond the agricultural community. The ADPWG coordinates projects to discover and inventory agricultural content in open repositories, documents best practices for making content open, and seeks opportunities to collaborate with other networks to showcase agricultural content to a wider audience.

Collection Development for Agriculture

The Collection Development Working Group (CDWG) supports sharing information and best practices among AgNIC partners to raise awareness of changes and issues in collection development activities. The group seeks to better understand unique collecting areas for partner institutions, retention and deaccession decisions, off-site storage, budgets, and item format trends. By facilitating communication about collection development policies and procedures among AgNIC partners, the CDWG hopes to ensure continued access to agricultural literature and resources.

Agricultural Literature and Information Literacy

The Ag Literature Working Group (ALWG) focuses on the types and use of agricultural research literature as well as the tools to identify this information. Initially focused on the impact of the use of Google Scholar by agricultural researchers and students, the working group has expanded its scope to look at discovery and use of agricultural literature more broadly. The ALWG evaluates agricultural research literature databases and other types of agricultural information as tools for research and learning. Knowledge and best practices about agricultural information sources is shared to support collection development, information literacy instruction, evidence-based research and other services of libraries and information providers.

Systematic Reviews for Agriculture

The goal of the Systematic Reviews Working Group (SRWG) is to share best practices and provide educational opportunities related to conducting systematic reviews in the fields of agriculture and natural resources. These opportunities may include webinars and other avenues to exchange information that will better equip AgNIC partners as they assist their researchers with systematic reviews.