Conceived in 1993 by George Strawn (National Science Foundation), Nancy L. Eaton (Iowa State University), and Pamela Andre (National Agricultural Library), AgNIC started as an idea for how libraries and other organizations could use the emerging Internet to share information across the broad agricultural community.

In 1995, a group of four academic libraries, Iowa State University, Cornell University, University of Arizona, and the University of Nebraska, joined the National Agricultural Library to formally launch the Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC).  From the beginning, the partners envisioned a voluntary alliance, cooperating with a minimum of formal structure, with the goal of improving access to reliable agricultural information.

For the first decade, partner institutions leveraged local subject expertise to build and curate topical websites that covered vertical segments of agricultural information.   As online information expanded, AgNIC partners moved beyond website curation, and developed an online database to offer users a new tool to more efficiently search the web for agricultural resources.  Further developments in web services, institutional repositories, and portal technologies enabled deployment of the AgNIC Search, an innovative effort that was retired in 2013.

Also in 2013, AgNIC partners voted to change the “C” from ‘Center’ to ‘Collaborative’ to signal a broader vision for a group ready to collaborate on a wider range of goals and interests.   Moving forward, this long-term partnership provides an established framework for libraries and other organizations to collaborate nationally, and internationally, on projects that promote access to agricultural information and data.

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